Spells Of Magic That Strongly Work

Spells Of Magic That Strongly Work

Spells of magic are very productive spells that work fast. However, before I venture into the concept of the magic spell, it is very important that you first learn the origin and background of spells of magic. Making a clear and precise concept of what a shaman is not an easy task, for there are a large number of various notions that have been coined through the centuries, on shamanism. However, my shaman experts have given me a wealth of information, based on which, I will clarify the concept of shamanism.

Who is a Shaman?

At the beginning of the previous century, anthropologists, sociologists and ethnologists have used the terms “shaman”, “magician”, “sorcerer” and “medical man” interchangeably to refer to people (men and women) endowed with certain gifts of the supernatural. To find out what a shaman is, you must know that they existed in all the primitive societies. It is even known that shamanism was born 25,000 years or so ago.

It is also known that shamanism presented its first manifestations in Russian Siberia today and in certain areas of central Asia and also that there are several shamanisms today: Siberian, Indonesian, ocean, US and South American, among others. He is a person who “travels” to other worlds through an altered state of consciousness, also called “magic’s state of consciousness” or ECC. The purpose of travel is to attain knowledge for many purposes: to diagnose and treat disease, to acquire power through the spirits, or the powers of the “power animals” and “gatekeepers”.

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